A few words About Us

AQUA GLOBAL SHIPPING AGENCY is a young company with lot of zeal to excel and enthusiasm to serve its client better. We provide comprehensive global logistics and freight forwarding services under our umbrella with total solution to all your freight and forwarding requirements. We have also entered in stevedoring, transportation, warehousing & shipping consultancy. To keep pace with the changing times and requirements of customers with its innovative approach to the business, we have added a host of services to our existing portfolio. Today we provide our customers with a broad menu of services to choose from, in order to partner them in their logistical distribution or supply chain needs.


AQUA GLOBAL SHIPPING AGENCY strives for continuous improvement in our relationships with customers and our ability to provide quality products and solutions to our customer's requirements without losing focus of our "Right-on-time" delivery system. We strongly believe in quality initiatives to constantly enhance our service levels and achieve customer satisfaction. AQUA GLOBAL SHIPPING AGENCY with its professionalism and deep rooted command in the logistics business strives every day, every minute to provide not just quality service but something exceptional altogether. Customers rely upon the trustworthiness and the vast experience possessed by the team at AQUA GLOBAL SHIPPING AGENCY for meeting their commitments to their business partners.. We have progressively grown to be a part of a worldwide network of related companies & agencies. AQUA GLOBAL SHIPPING AGENCY looks forward for a better, brighter tomorrow when it can serve you more efficiently and provide more superior logistics solutions/